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Develop the new online system for the Puerto Rico Art Museum

This platforms needed to be fully bilingual and allow them to manage the different areas of the museum:

  • Permanent Collection
  • Exhibitions
  • Artists
    Including their biographies and Artwork
  • Artwork
    Including its Collection and related artwork
  • Calendar
  • Information pages

'Homepage' Homepage

'Visita menu' Visita menu

'Arte menu' Arte menu

'Museo menu' Museo menu

'Admision, Hours and Parking' Admision, Hours and Parking

'Events Calendar' Events Calendar

'Join' Join

'Guided Visits' Guided Visits

'Collection' Collection

'Artwork in the collection' Artwork in the collection

'Artist in the collection' Artist in the collection

'Artist in the collection, expanded section' Artist in the collection, expanded section